Tongkat Ali is an herb that is becoming more and more popular these days. This wonder herb is an evergreen shrub that is endemic to Malaysia, Indonesia, some parts of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, and is known for its aphrodisiacal properties. There can be a lot of great benefits for those who would consume this wonder drug. Among these benefits are harder and longer-lasting erections, promotes penile growth and enhanced fertility by developing semen quality (Thicker sperm volume, sperm concentration and sperm motility) in men. Tongkat Ali also helps aid protein synthesis and weight loss because of its significant role in increasing the testosterone levels in the body. The active components of Tongkat Ali also possess anti-aging properties.

However, not all forms of Tongkat Ali are equal. Just because you see a product out there that has some Tongkat Ali included does not mean that it promises the effects that you want from it. In a nutshell, the bioactive ingredients of Tongkat Ali plants (according to continuous studies from MIT) in  powdered form is just 0.005% – almost little to no amount at all.

So how do we make sure that we get the right results that we want from Tongkat Ali based on the products that are offered in the market? Let’s review each general product that is available to discern whether or not these products are effective.

Tongkat Ali Coffee

JUDGEMENT: Not effective!!!

Here is one thing you should know about this root: it is extremely bitter and foul-tasting- Even trace amounts of the extract fused in any drink would make the entire beverage taste disgusting. It’s so bitter that seasoning it with anything or putting cream won’t make it taste any better.

Now think about this: just how much Tongkat Ali is incorporated in the drink? Remember that the marketing team and the food technicians also need to consider taste as a criteria for making these beverages. Logically speaking, the amount of Tongkat Ali here is little to none.

Althought Chinese medicine offers Tongkat Ali teas like Vimax, these concoctions are purely for medicinal purposes and not the same way one would enjoy coffee. In short, these teas are more potent, but also taste terrible, just like any medical elixirs.

Tongkat Ali Powder

JUDGEMENT: Doesn’t Work!

Most consumers are prone to be victimized by phony companies offering the powdered form of Tongkat Ali. The problem with root powder is, it has not undergone any extraction meaning that that there will be little to none active ingredients (as compared to concentrated variants).

Plant powders are not just going to do anybody favors because all the good stuff are down the roots (that need extraction). Be extremely careful with companies who sell powders instead of extract. You might end up paying more without even getting the desired effects.

Tongkat Ali Extract

JUDGMENT: Works wonders

It is common fact that the good stuff in Tongkat Ali is in the roots. Knowing that wonderful fact, it is great that there are extractions procedures that we can take advantage of to getting the most concentrated extract. In ancient Chinese medicine, 50 grams of Tongkat Ali root is boiled until you are left with a pungent tea. Only trace amounts of it would usually be left as the active ingredients are very few even in the roots.

Thank goodness for technology however, we are now able to mechanically extract the roots of the plant and put them in pills. The pill option is the smartest choice for everybody as it gets rid of the problem of Tongkat Ali being bitter. Normally, the potency of the extract depends on the ratio of the weight of the root versus the weight of the extract.  Say for example, for 50 grams of root, you get 1 gram of extract powder; the potency is considered to be a 1:50 strength extract. The higher the strength extract, the more potent the extract is. Some brands even get as strong as 1:200 and that is potent.

Now not all extracts are equally potent. Note that there will be companies out there that would sell you extracts while hiding the strength. Always check for the potency levels as there would be times that unreliable companies would give you weak extracts.


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