Nowadays, health and wellness are becoming such a trend that millions and millions are starting to follow. Everybody wants to get a leaner and fitter physique and a healthier lifestyle. We started to see a lot more of our friends busy doing workout sessions in the gym and we also look at astounding results that inspires us to follow their footsteps.

Working out however is quite challenging for most of us. Not everybody would enjoy going to the gym and would only do so to achieve faster and better results. For men, losing the weight and gaining the muscle is very important but we all want to achieve it as soon as possible. We look at ways to make working out a convenient task and maximize gains with minimal time invested. As a result, the supplementation industry boomed and became the major player in helping athletes and even the normal body enthusiasts get the results they want faster.

Because supplementation is so popular these days, there are a lot of pills out there that would give promise. It can be very confusing when looking for the perfect supplement. So today we will be looking at a list of supplements that will help you get muscle gains faster.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Branched Chain Amino Acids or simply known as BCAAs is a group of amino acids, or building blocks of proteins that is viewed by countless as the ultimate significant component of new muscle tissues. BCAAs are composed of three types of amino acids, namely leucine (which is the most significant part of the chain as it aids in the production of new muscle tissues independently), isoleucine, and valine. What BCAA does basically is it promotes anabolism, increase your capacity to release higher amounts of energy at extended periods of time enabling you to do high intensity workouts, and it helps you build new muscle. You cannot go wrong with BCAA if taken in moderation.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a type of protein that you usually get from the plasma-like liquid settling over the milk solid curd when cheese making. If you have ever tried eating yoghurt before, the watery portion that settles on top of the yoghurt is a good example of whey. Nowadays you may buy whey protein in flavored and shake forms so convenience is definitely a good thing to consider. What is great about Whey protein is the fact that since it is solid protein, the body does not have a hard time absorbing it as it goes straight to the muscle cells in the absorption phase. It helps you shed those unnecessary fat and it also promotes protein synthesis.


Creatine is composed of three amino acids, which are arginine, glycine, and methionine. Usually present in meat and fish, we need to rely on food sources and supplements because our body can only produce spare amounts of it. What it does is it taps the energy receptors of the body, providing you with more power when doing high-intensity work. Having more energy is great because it increases your capacity in doing high-intensity trainings. For those who are doing a lot of heavy lifting or intense cardio, the energy can come handy. It also helps your muscles store glycogen, a form of carb that the muscle tissues work for oxygen when we are doing anaerobic activities. When it does, we subject our muscles to an environment that is ideal for muscle growth and development.

Working out is exhausting and takes a lot of energy from you. We spend all our effort building muscles, but what about the energy that you spend pleasing your lover in bed? In the kind of modern lifestyle that we have, stress is definitely a reason for a sloppy performance when lovemaking. A decrease in libido and a half-erect penis, and premature ejaculation leads to an unsatisfactory sex life that may be detrimental to your relationship. Want to have a supplement that would definitely boost your sexual vigor and be greater in your performance in bed. With Vimax, your daily male enhancement supplement, sexual desire and stamina in bed will always be present during sexy time. Made from high quality herbal ingredients, and it will surely help you get that self-esteem up by building your manhood’s size to its hardest, longest-lasting erect state, heighten your libido and make you unleash the sexy beast that’s hiding inside you. Who does not want great orgasms, steamy nights and just an overall improvement in his sex life? I know I do. With Vimax, it is now a reality.


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