If you haven’t watched James Reid’s famous TV ad promoting some brand of tuna, you may have probably only heard this now. Getting fit is 70% healthy food choices and 30% proper exercise. For those who want to have lean muscles like our bro James (“Seriously pare, ilang paligo lang naman lamang ni James sa’tin. Real talk”), watching what you eat is the other half in attaining that muscle bod that we oh so wish to have.

What I just hate about this though is the fact that everywhere you go, there is certainly a food choice or two that can tempt you from backsliding to your old unhealthy ways (yes, I’m talking about Kwek Kwek and other nasty but oh so good junk food) so the concept of healthy eating has always been an easier said than done thing. It takes a huge amount of discipline and in this case knowledge to eat the right food in a manner of consistency. So get your shopping bags men, as we breeze through a list of healthy food choices for lean muscle building.


Okay, so beef is already a good (quite pricey) treat, but grass-fed cattle have astounding levels of good fatty acids that promote fat loss and lean muscle building. It doesn’t hurt that it is also an excellent source of protein.

Nitric Oxide Foods

Ever wondered why Popeye suddenly channels gargantuan strength when he eats spinach? That is because along with other food like pomegranate, beet root and even dark cocoa, these treats boost nitric oxide production, a substance that has been proven to influence the increase in skeletal muscle blood flow. Another thing about spinach is its richness in glutamine, a type of protein that promotes lean muscle growth. Increased consumption of these provides a great alternative for those who want to keep gaining au naturale.

Whole Grain Cereal

Brown rice, whole meal pasta, and quinoa are just great examples of whole grains that you can consume to provide great source of energy. Whole grain cereals have complex carbohydrates which takes a longer time to digest. Some variants of whole grains also promote production of somatotropin – also known as the human growth hormone. This is critical for the buildup of lean muscles in the body. It also helps you shed weight and acquire strength. Quinoa on the other hand, is another slow-digesting carb that is a complete protein in itself.  Quinoa has been linked with an increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels, which turns the anabolic state of the body on, ultimately triggering lean muscle growth.

Milk, eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese, even the right parts of chicken all have two things in common: One is that all these items can all be seen in the dairy aisle (Eggs are not dairy though, they don’t even come from a milk producing animal, SMH) Two: these products are an excellent source of protein. Yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese are brilliant sources of casein, the slowest-digesting protein there is. It is best to eat this before bed, to promote anabolism even when asleep.

Are your carts filled? I surely hope that these food choices help you get that lean muscle James Reid has, and soon. I know it takes a lot of discipline, and honestly hard work too but picking the right food items definitely helps you be in shape.

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