For centuries, this supplement has been scientifically tested and proven to help athletes, weightlifters, boxers, power lifters and even muscle enthusiasts to achieve the greatest muscle gains it has. It is one supplement that has been around for quite some time and hundreds and hundreds of research journals already have proven its effectiveness in increasing strength, power, and performance.

But before you buy this supplement, it is great to know how it works first, right? When I was in the process of finding out how this supplements work, one challenge that I encountered was how every journal and article I need only made my head a little sore because of how much jargon it had. So let me take one for the team and help you understand what this wonder supplement is and how it works.

What Is Creatine?

To put it simply, creatine is a protein-like compound that is present in meat and fish.  It is composed of three amino acids, which are arginine, glycine, and methionine. Our body is unable to produce massive amounts of it, so we need to depend on other sources for nourishment.

How Does It Work?

When our bodies need energy for rapid movement, it depends on the batteries of our body to power it up. It takes an intricate cycle of converting Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) to Adenosine Diphospate (ADP) to provide energy for the working cells. Now our bodies are capable of doing this on its own, but only for short periods of time. What Creatine does is it lends its phosphate (Creatine usually takes the form of Creatine phosphate in the body) to make ATP readily available for use. So literally, the more ATP the body has, the more power it is capable of releasing when doing high-intensity work.

What Benefits Does Creatine Have For Me?

The cool thing about more energy is the fact that you have more endurance when doing high-intensity exercises. For those who are doing a lot of heavy lifting or intense cardio, the energy can come handy.

Another effect of creatine is the enhancement of the muscles’ ability to store glycogen, a form of carbohydrate that is present in the muscle tissues. The muscles use glycogen anaerobic activities, or the tasks that are so heavy, that the heart and the lungs basically won’t be fully capable to deliver enough oxygen sufficiently. On another note, the increase of glycogen reserves in the body allows for it to be at a state where muscle growth is promoted, meaning leaner muscle development.

How Do I Maximize The Effects Of Creatine?

Creatine supplementation in itself does not help you gain muscle that you want. Creatine provides higher amounts of energy for more repetitions and higher intensity of work out sessions. So it goes without saying that Creatine in itself does not build mass, it is what you do with your extra energy brought by Creatine supplementation that helps you gain stronger and healthier muscles.

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