There are countless brands of Whey protein out there, all because this supplement is arguably the most reliable and effective protein source for muscle enthusiasts like you and me. But how do we discern the best one that there is in the market? Do we judge the reliability of the supplement based on the brand? Or how shiny and attractive the label is? How about the promising taglines that are printed on the bottle? Or the cool, awesome flavors that it has?

All thanks to great product marketing, the dilemma of choosing the right protein powder became such a tall order nowadays. A smart muscle builder knows not to be intimidated by flavors, labels and brands. He knows that choosing the right protein powder can spell the difference between an added inch of muscle thickness in his biceps, or an unnecessary 20 lbs. around his waist. Sounds scary, right? Fear not, let’s look at each one and see which powder is the best fit for your protein needs.

Before we begin, let’s first highlight the awesome benefits of these bad boys. Whey protein is an awesome source of amino acids that is essential in developing muscles. It is rich in BCAA which significantly reduces the detrimental effects of catabolism and is also noteworthy for extensively increasing workout intensity. Whey also helps you shed some flab and is helpful in protein synthesis. It is easily digestible, and absorption of these proteins is not a hard thing for this powder gold.

So what are the things that you need to consider when buying whey protein powder?

Protein Versus Carb And Fat Content

Look at the supplement facts at the back of the label. You want to buy whey powder for protein and not carbs and fat (Otherwise, a tub of French fries with cheese should do after all, right?) While carbs and fat is essential for the body’s anabolism, you need to realize that protein is still king in considering the product. Analyze the protein content per serving of the potential product that you want to buy.

Look For The Type Of Whey That Promises Optimum Results

Fun fact: there are different types of whey protein forms. In essence, there are three types:  whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, and whey protein concentrate. Products out there may contain one or more types per bottle. Whey is considered great if the mainly composed of either whey protein isolate, or protein hydrolysate. Reason being whey protein isolate is the most filtered and considered the purest form of whey (90% or greater protein) while protein hydrolysate is pre-digested and broken down into smaller fragments for easier digestion, hence faster absorption than regular whey. On the flipside, whey protein concentrate is a little weaker in effectivity only because it goes through less filtering. Whey protein concentrates are usually 70-80% protein, it is easily a risk to buy something so expensive and would only be 35% protein. Not exactly giving you a bang for your bunk, eh?

Do The Math

To ensure that what you’re buying is great whey, you need to do a little calculation to determine if the whey protein that you are buying produces optimum results. You want to compute the percentage of protein content  and see if you really are getting the amount of protein   To do this, you need to take the grams of protein per serving to serving suggestion and divide it with the serving size (in grams) The higher the percentage of your protein, the better.

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